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Mori Luigi
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The company Mori Luigi Sas was established by Mori Luigi in the far-away 1922 and ever since it began its activities it listened to and solved the problems of farmers, especially those connected to the wine-making sector and in reality the first machines built by the young company were the presses.

With the arrival of Luigi's sons in the company a family-run system was formed and still exists, now having reached its forth generation.
New strength and new ideas: in this period the very best is achieved from the development and production as electric piston pumps, stemmers, filters and automatic electrical hydraulic presses belong to this recent period.

As the years passed the processing techniques improved, the market expanded and logistics became more and more important. With its own vehicles Mori supplied its dealers directly, from Piemonte to Sicily, guaranteeing a constant and precise service. But it is not only in the field of wine-making that Mori stands out. Mini mills have been created for small olive growers who can finally make their own extra virgin olive oil by themselves.

Mori Luigi
Mori Luigi
The new wine-making techniques, aiming more and more at quality, required much more sophisticated machines to process the product in a much more delicate way. Mori, backed by important wine-making experts, has been able to improve and develop new machines, such as the new generation crusher-stemmer accompanied by wine selection tables and peristaltic pumps for delicate transportation of the grape must and stemmed grapes.

Today the company Mori Luigi Sas exports its products to all wine making countries throughout the world, guaranteeing small wine makers high quality machines that before were only and exclusively destined for large manufacturers.

Mori Luigi sas, a company that has been serving wine makers for more than eighty years.