Mori Luigi
Mori - qualità e soluzioni dal 1922


The DINAMICA 100 crusher-stemmer is a new conception machine that maintains the same characteristics of simplicity, rigidity and reliability of all of the MORI machines since 1922.
The DYNAMIC 100 is characterised by its soft treatment of the product, easy use, simplicity in its dismantling and cleaning operations and maximum working flexibility due to the interchangeability of some parts of the machine that allow for different types of grapes to be processed.
Mori - qualità e soluzioni dal 1922


Oil plants designed to satisfy the demands of small and mediums sized manufacturers who want to produce large quantities of extra virgin olive oil on their own.
The plants are made completely from AISI 304 stainless steel, they have a constant cycle and extraction of the oil occurs cold using a two-phase integral system.

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