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Mori Luigi
The “V” range pumps are one of the most popular MORI products throughout the decades.
This equipment boasts a whole range of improvements and a course of development of rare importance.
Suitable for the transportation of semi-solid materials such as whole grapes or crushed grapes and fermented grape marc.
They are all fitted with a tilting hopper in order to carry out devatting of tanks whose height of the door is less than the loading hopper (EXCLUDING V. 20.)
Transmission occurs by means of a sturdy low rev driving motor, guaranteeing a “service factor” that makes the motor-reduction gear practically eternal.
The rotation speed of the ogive is reduced to a very minimum in order to guarantee a less stressful treatment of the raw material, 70 RPM.
Complete with motor saver on all models and an inverter on the modelsV.15-18-20.
The ogive can be fitted with plastic inserts for transportation of grapes and grape marc from mechanical harvests, therefore reducing blocks and damages caused by possible iron objects, to a very minimum.
Fuse-board on the machine compliant with EC norms.